Monday, December 13, 2010

Pregnancy Advice - What to Bring to the Hospital


There's the list! OK, I am exaggerating, but ignore the books or magazines that tell you to bring DVD's, magazines, CD's, snacks, ETC. I brought BAGS of stuff and used none of it. I didn't even turn on the TV the entire time I was in the hospital. I loved having my own pillow for comfort (I also brought a little blankie of mine) and also liked having it to prop me up in bed. It is great to have a robe because the nurses will want you to walk the halls if you have a c-section. Well, we all know what happens with a hospital gown - there is a flap in the front or back! And bring all of your every day toiletries like your yummy smelling shampoo, your usual toothpaste and bring a blow dryer if you care about that (I did, but only on the last day.)

Another must-have for ME was my laptop. My hospital had wireless internet and my husband and I sent an email with pics within hours of baby being born. I had an email in my 'drafts' folder with every single friend and family's email address in the To: line. And yes, I am embarrassed to admit, I had multiple drafts saved because I knew we would send out pics more than once. But my husband and I are photo-taking nutballs!

I also suggest bringing your Boppy pillow and asking a nurse or lactation consultant to show you how to use it. I had a nurse/consultant help me nurse in every different position and in the bed and in a chair, with a regular pillow and a boppy.
A friend also told me to bring cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. A lot of women have showered before you...

Also, I remember really wondering what I would be able to wear home from the hospital. I read that I should bring an outfit that fit me when I was 4 months pregnant. Now I had a c-section, so I was really sore in the abdomen in addition to still having a belly, but I wore the same outfit home that I wore to the hospital. Those BIG front-flapped pants, a t-shirt and a fleece jacket.

I have a friend who was fixated on looking cute on her way home and NOT wearing maternity clothes. She had this image of herself holding her baby wearing a black dress with a jean jacket. Another of our friend's set her straight and she ended up buying an Old Navy track suit. She at least got her wish and didn't wear maternity clothes. I didn't care at all, I just wanted to be comfy and get home and sit on the sofa.

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