Monday, December 13, 2010

Pregnancy Advice - Mastering Your Doctor Visits

It is easy to be intimidated when you visit any doctor, but especially your OBGYN.  Not only are you often in a vulnerable position (physically), you are probably very new to the whole pregnancy thing!  But keep in mind that you will be seeing a lot of him or her and so you should be comfortable at each visit.  Figure out what you need from him or her so that each time you leave an appointment, you’ll feel satisfied with your visit.
Keep a notebook with you or by your bed and jot down questions for your next doctor visit. I guarantee if you think you will remember them once you get there, well you might. But you will forget as soon as he or she dashes in for your allotted three minute visit!

-mention any pains, funny feelings, etc.
-if you are concerned with any of the questionable foods (peanut butter, deli meat, fish)
-ask about ANY medicines you might want to take (vitamins, herbal supplements, allergy, constipation or heartburn relief)
-any symptoms you might have - doctor might have a way to relieve your discomfort
-don't be intimidated to ask for an explanation or clarification on a particular procedure
Later on, make sure to discuss your birthing plan with your doctor
-does she use forceps or vacuum?
-what is his belief on induction, c-section, etc.
-will you want an epidural, other pain medication, etc.?
-what about circumcision?
-having the father cut the cord
-any factors that are important to you and your delivery (dimming the lights, listening to music, allowing others in the room, etc.)

You want to look back on your pregnancy experience as a good one.  If you do feel intimated, just remember, YOU AER YOUR OWN ADVOCATE.  And there are plenty of other doctors out there if you aren't totally comfortable with your current choice!

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