Monday, August 29, 2011

Just for Fun - Rainy Day Activities Part I

Rain or shine, sun or snow, I feel like on most days, I am trying to think of activities for my preschooler.  We usually do something out of the house in the morning and he has "quiet time" in the afternoon, but there are still lots of pockets of time to fill - after breakfast, and before dinner, for example.  We play board games, watch PBS shows and play tic-tac-toe, but some days, it isn't enough!

This "Just for Fun" blog will be devoted to a fun activity that you and your kid(s) can do around your house, and you should have all the equipment that you need.

Today, my son and I made a book (sort of.)  I found a white binder I hadn't used since I attended meetings oh so long ago.  I took computer paper and three-hole punched a bunch of pieces.  Our book was called "Anything Alphabet."  My son is obsessed with the alphabet and writing words and "Anything Alphabet" is a game we usually play on his Doodle-Pro.  I always wish that we could save his Doodle-Pro pictures, so this was a perfect solution. 

The first page was a title page that I made and slipped into the front of the binder.  Then, we went through each letter and he picked a word (sometimes I helped to think of a good one) and then he drew the word and the picture.  He also did a "The End" page where we wrote the entire alphabet with his name.
My plan is to continue making "books" and adding them to this binder.  His other favorite game (that he created) is called "Stinky Alphabet."  I think we will do that next.  I can't imagine what pictures he will draw!