Monday, December 27, 2010

Baby Prep - Crib Advice

Is everything related to baby preps sooo overwhelming?  There are just too many choices out there these days.  Here is some information to help you with that BIG crib purchase.

As far as what brand to buy, please do your research. Not all cribs are created equal. The book Baby Bargains is an invaluable tool for everything that you are purchasing, but particularly cribs. Not only do you want a safe crib, but you want one that is easy to use, easy to put together and you want a company with good customer service.

So, I will leave the company comparisons to Baby Bargains, but I just want to voice my opinion on convertible versus regular cribs. Pregnant friends have asked my opinion on this and I have one! I think it is best to buy a traditional crib for a few reasons.

Personally, I couldn't possibly commit to my child's bed when buying a crib. In other words, the idea of a convertible crib is that it turns into a bed that your child will have until he or she goes to college. Well, I love to decorate, so I am not that practical. But seriously, if you are going to have more than one kid, I think it makes more sense to have a nice, traditional crib that all your kids can use. And each time a baby grows out of it, he gets a "big boy" bed and the crib is passed down to the next baby. I also really prefer the symmetry of a traditional crib, but that is just me. And, if someone tries to sell you a crib that turns into a toddler bed, ignore them. A toddler doesn't need a mini bed. Crib to "big boy" bed is just fine.

And one more thing, to drawer or not to drawer. When I first heard that many cribs come with a drawer underneath, I thought that sounded ingenious! I am a pack rat, so any extra storage would be great. But after I asked friends and read up on it, it sounded like it wasn't all that. The items get so dusty that you don't want to put anything in there that baby actually uses (like sheets or blankets.) And apparently, they can be somewhat flimsy. So, my crib came with one and we didn't even install it. It also didn't fit with our extra long crib skirt that I had made.

-side rail lifts up and down with one hand and knee release
-quiet lift and lower
-smooth surfaces and edges, no hardware sticking out
-made of hardwoods, for durability and sturdiness

Research shows that a firm crib mattress is the best and safest option for baby. And Baby Bargains says the hands-down choice is the Colgate Mattress. It is sold at specialty stores, so check their web site or call around to find one near you.

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