Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Baby Advice - Should I Swaddle?

When I was in the hospital after my c-section, I had a different doctor from my pediatrician's office each day, three in all. I asked each of them what they thought of swaddling. My pediatrician said he considered it a blanket in the crib. So, in other words, don't do it. I then asked his younger, female partner (who is a mom) and she laughed and said it is a must. She checked out my baby and then swaddled him like nobody's business. Never was he swaddled more perfectly again!

So, I say swaddle away! And with my son and all of my friend's kids, they wean themselves from it. It could happen at 3 months or 6 months, but it helps them sleep and as you might have noticed, that is your number one goal! And if you read the registering link, definitely buy the Swaddle Me by Kiddopotamus (see Amazon link to your right!) It helps keep baby in the swaddle because after a few weeks of life, they get pretty squirmy.

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