Monday, January 3, 2011

New Baby - Baby Milestones for the First Six Months

I found this article in the "new baby" packet that I received from my pediatrician.  I really enjoyed reading it as my son grew from newborn to six months of age.  Don't worry if your baby doesn't hit these marks at the month suggested.  Some babies will be ahead with some milestones and behind in others.  Just talk to your pediatrician if there are many on the list that your baby has not done yet.  And always follow your gut.  If you are worried, it doesn't hurt to check in with the experts.

One Month -Two Months

-Responds to sounds and voices by turning head
-Prefers the human face to all other patterns
-Stares intently at faces
-Makes eye contact
-Keeps hands in tight fists
-Brings hands to mouth
-Grips your finger
-Makes eye contact
-Sees objects 8-12 inches away
-Recognizes mom's voice and scent
-Responds to loud sounds with quiet, crying or acting startled
-Smiles or coos when you talk, smile or play
-Recognizes your voice
-Blows bubbles
-Eyes track objects
-Studies hand movements
-Looks for source of sounds
-Stretches legs and kicks while lying down
-Moves head side to side while lying on tummy
-Can hold head up for a few seconds

Three Months - Four Months

-Understands he can capture your attention
-Smiles at the sound of your voice
-Swipes at dangling objects with his hand
-Starts to babble
-Perceives color differences
-Starts using eyes and hands in coordination
-Stops sucking to listen
-Brings hands together
-Sucks on fingers
-Opens and shuts hands
-Holds head steady
-Lifts head 45 degrees while on tummy
-Turns head towards voices
-Makes sounds in response to you
-Might frown at strangers
-Smacks lips
-Laughs when tickled
-Vocalizes to initiate play
-Tracks moving objects
-Grasps rattle with stronger hand muscles
-Rolls over both ways
-Lifts head 90 degrees while on tummy
-May move arms in a swimming motion while on tummy
-Splashes and kicks in bath

Five Month - Six Months

-Shows positive reaction to different sounds
-Smiles spontaneously
-"Talks" to gain attention
-Explores objects by tasting them
-Imitates your facial expressions
-Mimics sounds and gestures
-Repeats strings of syllables
-Babbles to get attention
-Might be able to hold a bottle with both hands
-Reaches out with one hand to trap an object
-Raises chest with arm while lying on tummy
-Sucks toes
-Cries when parents leave the room
-Feeds himself a cracker
-Objects if you take a toy away
-Responds to his name
-Reaches toward a favorite toy
-Says vowel-consonant combinations
-Discovers himself and talks to himself in the mirror
-Places things into mouth
-Compares two objects
-Pivots and creeps on tummy
-Begins teething by drooling
-Bears some weight on legs when held upright

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