Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Baby Advice - Making Baby Food

When my first son turned 6-months old, I enthusiastically read up on making baby food.  I tried using a blender, a hand mill, and a Cuisinart.  But none of those tools made it pureed enough.  My son had major texture issues and would not eat anything I made.  In hindsight, I wish I would have just continued until he ate it.  But I was a new mom and was such a rule follower!  So I quickly went out and purchased prepared baby food - which he loved.

Fast forward five years later, to today.  My second son is 6-months old and still won't eat cereal or avocados.  I really want him to start eating other foods besides breast milk because gosh, maybe it will help him sleep through the night?!  PLEASE!!?  

So once again, this morning, I researched some more baby food making techniques and now I anxiously await him waking up!

I have steamed carrots waiting to be pureed (now I own a Magic Bullet which I hope makes the food smoother than my food processor and blender.)

And I found this terrific web site with all kinds of recipes, so I got really ambitious and just baked homemade teething biscuits.  They ended up being super easy.  TIP: I used WAY more water than suggested (1/4 cup probably four times!)


This might be the first time that I am anxious for baby to wake up from his nap!

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