Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just for Fun - My Summer Reading List 2012

Last summer, I posted a reading list that included books from various categories, including my all-time faves, some easy reads and what I was hoping to read over the summer.  I enjoyed doing it and liked hearing from readers that picked a book to read from my list.  So I'm doing it again!

Infidel - AMAZING!!!
Tender Bar

Historical Fiction:
In the Time of Butterflies

Bringing up Bebe
Sense of an Ending
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks

Sherlock Holmes
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Just for Fun:
Paper Towns
Dandelion Summer
Carrie Goes Off the Map
Minding Frankie
Girl in Translation
Home by Morning
Fifty Shades of Grey (3-book series) - I need to explain this rec.  I didn't like the first book.  I thought the writing was poor, the lead male character was despicable and the sex was GROSS - too graphic, and so nerdy!  But my friend told me to persevere, so I did and the lead character became like Don Draper or Tony Soprano.  You root for them because they are damaged and just can't help the way they are!  And I just skipped over the gross (and so not romantic) sex scenes.

All the Books I Hope to Read this Summer:
The Expats
The Violets of March
The Slap
The Miracles of Santo Fico
The Night Circus
Most Talkative

Recent Books I Hated or Could Not Finish (a new category!)
Under the Banner of Heaven
When Everything Changed
Let the Great World Spin
State of Wonder
Little Bee
And here is the link to the list from last summer.

Happy Reading!  And like last year, please tell me your newest fave, I always need new book ideas.

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  1. I need this, thank you for posting!! I have been SO so bad at keeping up with my reading, I need to get back into it. I'm pretty sure my Kindle is collecting dust as we speak.