Friday, October 22, 2010

Pregnancy - Syptoms and Solutions

I had every pregnancy symptom under the sun, how about you?!  Hopefully this post can help you relieve some of the more common pregnancy symptoms.

-eat 4-5 mini meals a day
-don't let stomach become empty
-eat crackers before getting out of bed in the morning
-chew crystallized ginger or drink ginger tea
-peppermint flavored items, drink peppermint tea
-wear motion sickness bands
-if you are throwing up and can't eat, you might need IV fluids
-eat granola bars, Capri Sun drink pouches, lemon candy or Preggie Drops

-listen to your body! It needs LOTS of rest, so don't feel guilty if you sleep on the couch from the time you get home from work until dinner and then you go to bed after dinner!

Stuffy Nose
-saline drops
-warm compresses

-maintain proper posture
-use good body mechanics (don't bend over sideways to unload the dryer)
-try pelvic tilt exercises

-eat lots of food with bulk - whole grains, bran, raw veggies, fresh and dried fruits
-drink lots of water and fruit juice
-establish a daily habit
-get regular exercise like walking
-if none of these natural remedies do the trick, ask your doctor about trying Milk of Magnesia or Miralax.  The latter got me through pregnancy and post-anesthesia.

Leg Cramps
-partner can place the heel of mom's foot in his palm, then gently use forearm to push the ball of her foot towards her body
-adjust calcium/phosphorus ratio (talk to your doctor)

-eat small frequent meals
-drink liquids in between meals rather than during a meal
-avoid fatty and high spiced foods
-avoid lying down after a meal
-avoid carbonated drinks
-try Tums or even a prescription medication

Shortness of Breath
-maintain correct posture
-slow down
-sleep propped up with pillows

Swelling in legs and feet
-sit, swim or walk in water
-increase fluid intake
-sit instead of stand; lie down instead of sitting; elevate feet several times a day

Varicose Veins
-elevate legs at right angle of body 2-5 minutes several times a day
-wear support hose
-try a warm bath
-avoid crossing your legs or locking your knees

-avoid constipation
-Keggel for circulation
-apply witch hazel compresses (over the counter at the drugstore)

Copied from Prepared Childbirth The Family Way by Debby Amis and Jeanne Green

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