Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Fun Craft Ideas

If you are following this blog, then you know that the posts center around three things (pregnancy, prepping for baby or new baby advice.)  But because Halloween is my favorite holiday and my son and I are obessed with our costumes, craft projects and Halloween parties, I decided to throw in a holiday blog every now and then.

Here are three fun Halloween craft projects for you to do with your kids.  If you are intimidated already, please continue reading.  There is an easy craft, a moderate project and a more difficult one!

·         Paper Plate Jack-o-Lantern – buy orange paper plates or have your kids color/paint white paper plates.  Use black felt, foam or paper to cut out eyes, a nose and a mouth.  Create a green pipe cleaner stem and leaf )or just use green construction paper.  Hang around your house and enjoy!

·         Noodle Skeleton – buy different noodle shapes such as wheels, penne, macaroni and shells.  Glue noodles in skull or skeleton shape on black construction paper.

Clothespin Bats – use a pencil to draw a bat outline on black foam, felt or construction paper.  You can find templates through Google Images (free coloring pages are a good route.)  Cut the form out (you will need two bat forms for each clothespin.)  Glue googly eyes to the bat, or use colorful construction paper, paint, etc. to make eyes.

Meanwhile, paint clothespins black (spray paint is easiest).  Once dry, glue a bat form to either side of the clothespin.  Glue the tips of the wings together.  Hang around your house with the clothespin clip!

Happy Halloween crafting!!!!

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