Monday, November 22, 2010

Advice for Parents by Parents

I recently posted a request on Facebook for readers to send me the best piece of parenting advice they had received.  Here are the responses.  And please keep sending them, I will post everything!
The first 12 weeks is triage, just get through it the best you can.

Eventually, you'll hit the "Blockbuster Phase" and all is downhill from there.  This refers to the time after baby is born, when you and your spouse can sit through a movie on the couch, without falling asleep.

Something green is better than nothing green, on a plate.  Eventually, they will try it.

The dirtier the bath water, the better the day.

Remember, everything is just a phase… the good and the bad!

Instead of “sharing” call it “taking turns.”  It works much better for preschoolers.

"1-2-3, eyes on me" really gets a child’s attention.  This can also be used for discipline.  Threaten to count to 3 if child doesn't come to the dinner table, brush teeth, etc.  If you do count and you do get to 3, a timeout is issued.  (Always give the child a warning that you are going to count if the request isn't completed.)

Use your chicken wing!  (referring to covering your cough or sneeze with the crook of your elbow instead of your hand.)

Thanks to everyone for sharing their favorite piece of advice.  Next I will blog your funniest "kid" stories, so send those too!

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